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PESA-TESA-Testicular Biopsy

A certain number of men are not able to produce sperm in the discharge. Semen is available, yet on examination no sperm gets to be seen. There are a few foundations for this to happen. The most well-known is idiopathic, which likely makes up ninety percent of the reason for azoospermia.

In instances of azoospermia, sperm might be effectively separated from the epididymis or testicles by two separate strategies. The principal is known as MESA or Microepididymal sperm desire, where in the wake of desensitizing the zone, an extremely small needle is passed through the scrotum and into the epididymis, and epididymis liquid alongside sperm is suctioned out. Epididymal sperm has a tendency to be a bit more seasoned sperm and by and large has motility. The other approach to get sperm is by TESA or Testicular sperm desire, where once more, desensitizing the scrotum, an extremely little needle is passed into the testicle, and sperm alongside a little measure of testicular tissue is suctioned out. The sperm is than differentiated from the testicular tissue. Testicular sperm is more youthful sperm however tends not to be moving.

On the off chance that sperm could not be collected in the epididymis PESA, TESA is utilized to concentrate sperm from testicular tissue, and the needle is embedded straightforwardly into the testis. This method is performed on the male under local anaesthesia in the OT. In this methodology a needle is embedded specifically into the testicles and the tissue or sperms are suctioned from that point. TESA on occasion may not give enough sperms and an open testis biopsy may be needed.

Why to Opt for PESA-TESA-Testicular Biopsy?

Men with no sperm in the discharge are encouraged to have testicular biopsy to discover the reason and the shot of fruitful impregnation ought to develop sperms be found. Testicular biopsy is performed to get some testicular tissue for minuscule examination. It ought to be joined with sperm extraction. Testicular biopsy, in men looking for medication for their infertility ought to be carried out in a spot where testicular sperm solidifying and IVF / ICSI is performed.

Great quality sperm, recovered by PESA-TESA-Testicular Biopsy bring about a high risk of post-defrosting sperm survival and pregnancy rate.


It is one of the procedures for sperm yearning. The system is performed without a scrotal surgical cut. A fine needle is passed through the skin of the scrotum to either the epididymis PESA or the testis TESA and a little measure of liquid and tissue is suctioned. The suction goes straightforwardly to the lab for affirmation of the vicinity of full grown sperm. The strategy is straightforward, quick and moderately aches free. Most men can come back to ordinary action by one day from now. Sperm recovery in this gathering of men is extremely effective.


Testicular Biopsy

A testicular biopsy is a test to uproot a little example of tissue from one or both testicles and look at it under a magnifying lens to assess a man's capacity to father a child. A testicular biopsy might, on extraordinary events, be carried out to help focus the reason for male fruitlessness. Testicular biopsy may be carried out if the man's semen does not have sperm. Testicular biopsy might additionally be carried out to recover sperm for in vitro preparation for Intracytoplasmic sperm infusion.

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